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What Is Raw Cod in Minecraft and How to Get It

Minecraft world is home to various species. As everyone needs food for survival. Fish is also a food item in Minecraft which is eaten by many other animals. In Minecraft there is a type of fish known as Raw Cod. Raw cod is found in cold or warm ocean biomes. It has a greyish or brownish texture.

Source of Raw Cod in Minecraft

In Minecraft you can get raw cod in cold and warm ocean biomes. You may get raw cods through fishing and by killing polar bears and dolphins.

The direct source of raw cod is:Fishing


In Minecraft you find various types of fishes and you can get them by fishing. Fish and specifically raw cod/fish is found in lukewarm/deep oceans. For fishing you need to have a fishing rod. You can find fishing rods in underwater ruins while exploring the worlds but at the same time you can also craft it by yourself.

To get raw cod take a fishing rod or enchanted fishing. Follow the below steps for fishing:

Step 1: Take your fishing cod and cast it into the water by clicking right. You will see the bubbles popping out:

Step 2: Now wait for the fish to bite the fishing rod:

Step 3: After waiting for some seconds, you will get the raw cod and it will be added to your inventory:

Also, in Minecraft polar bears and dolphins eat raw cod so when you kill any of them you can get raw cod. Hence the indirect sources of raw cod are:

Polar Bear

In Minecraft you can find polar bears in ice spikes or snowy plains biomes. The favourite food of polar bears is raw cod. In Minecraft, usually when you kill an animal it drops the food item when dead.

So, when you kill a polar bear using fire it leaves behind the raw cod when it is dead after several attacks.


As we talked above, when you kill a specific animal in Minecraft you get something in return. Same is the case with Dolphins. They are found in deep lukewarm oceans or deep oceans and eat raw cod.

In Minecraft when you kill a dolphin it drops a raw cod. Dolphin lives in water, but sometimes when it comes out of water and the weather is dry it gets damaged and cannot survive. When a dolphin dies in Minecraft it drops raw cod.

Also, you can get raw cod from chests which are owned by fishermen in villages.


In Minecraft you would have come across a brownish colored fish. This fish is known as raw cod/fish and it is food for polar bears and dolphins. You can find raw cod in warm and cold ocean biomes. As polar bears eat raw cod, when you kill them, they leave behind raw cod. Dolphins also eat raw cod and when they stay on land for a longer time, they also drop raw cod and you can get it. You can get raw cod by fishing using a fishing rod.

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