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Twitch Data Leak 2021 Includes 125GB Private Data

Another breach of the year 2021 is the Twitch Data Leak, which comprises 125GB of company data as well as the platform’s source code. An anonymous member on 4chan leaked the data on October 6, 2021.

Twitch confirmed the incident on Twitter yesterday, following the release of the data. Twitch has not revealed any information about the incident, such as how such sensitive information was stolen by the hacker.

The leak include the whole source code of the Twitch platform with commit history, Twitch client source code, Twitch-owned properties such as IGDB and curseForge, Twitch SOC internal red teaming tools used to improve platform security, and an unpublished Steam competitor from Amazon Game Studios.

According to some 4chan users, the dump also includes passwords. So far, LAU has discovered no passwords in the leak. The leak does contain payments to streamers from 2019 to 2021. So twitch users may finally learn how much their favourite streamers have earned over the last few years. BTW, CriticalRole tops the list of the most paid Twitch Streamers.

The leak was removed from 4chan after the media published the news, but it spread to numerous other famous forums renowned for selling confidential data.

The data dump was labelled “part one” by the 4chan individual who posted it. If it is a multiple-part release, it could be the most severe leak. The dump contains such sensitive information that any large technology company, such as Twitch, would never want their competitors to learn about it. The leak also shows that Amazon Game Studios is working on a Steam competitor called Vapor.

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