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This New Website Makes Nix Less Intimidating to Learn

Screenshot of the zero-to-nix website in the firefox web browser on Fedora Workstation

Fancy dipping your toes in the world of Nix, but don’t know where or how to start? Well, you’re gonna dig the Zero to Nix website.

This new resource sets out to deliver an “unofficial, opinionated, gentle introduction to Nix” than that offered by existing Nix documentation and online guides — which it describes as “difficult for bringers to navigate”.

Follow the guided steps on the Zero to Nix website to install Nix on your existing Linux distro using the Nix Installer rather than the official Nix installation script more commonly recommended.

Now, I’ll level with you here: my knowledge of Nix is a little scant.

I know the basics: Nix is package manager; it can be used alongside apt or dnf, etc (or replace them entirely); it has a TON of packages available through it (more than Arch, in fact); and it boasts a bunch of buzz-wordy features like immutability, app isolation, and roll back.

But Zero to Nix is a big advocate for Nix Flakes — an incredibly useful feature that has the added advantage of being inherently meme-able:

nix flakes cereal box meme
Anyone know the source of this? Hmu

Now, I couldn’t tell you how to install Nix, or how to do anything with it once you have.

But thankfully don’t need to: the Zero to Nix website does it for me!

Whether you want a shallow introduction to Nix, or deeper dive in to its full capabilities, the Zero to Nix website is awash with info. You’ll learn core Nix concepts, how to set up, configure, and manage software using Nix, and plenty more — so read, try, share!

→ Go visit Zero to Nix.

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