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Nautilus Adds Tree View in Latest Alpha

The latest alpha release of the Nautilus file manager is front-loaded with goodies.

Issued as part of the GNOME 44 release cycle, the latest bleeding edge edition of Nautilus (or Files, as we’re supposed to call it) includes a few formative features that, over the coming months, will be finessed further ahead of (possible) inclusion in the stable release.

Two additions stand out.

Firstly, there’s a new option to enable ‘expanding folders’ in list view. This oft-requested feature (which so nearly arrived in GNOME 43) is akin to a tree view. Once enabled (it’s not by default) and in list view, you can expand a folder, subfolders, sub-sub folders, etc.

Tree view in Nautilus 44 (Alpha)
Tree view in Nautilus 44 (Alpha)

Secondly, this alpha build of Nautilus restores the 64px icon size in grid view. It sounds minor but I know a bunch of people (myself included) who missed the “goldilocks” icon size in grid view in-between the “too small” and the “too large” options.

Additions in this alpha at-a-glance:

  • Expanding subfolders in list view
  • More options in tab context menus
  • Paste image data into new PNG file
  • Use pre-generated thumbnails when available
  • New shortcut to open Nautilus preferences
  • Show full filename in grid, using tooltips
  • Reintroduce 64px icon size for grid view
  • Remove upper limit on thumbnailing file size range

A bunch of bug fixes are included, with memory leaks, drag-and-drop, auto-run and other issues resolved. The file manager can now save and restore sort columns, and no longer lets you to hide the ‘name’ column.

You can try the alpha release of Files out on any Linux distribution with Flatpak enabled. Just add the GNOME Nightly repo first, then install org.gnome.NautilusDevel. The nightly build runs side-by-side with the stable version of the file manager.

It should go without saying, but for the sake of hitting 250 words I’ll say it anyway:

Nightly builds of GNOME applications are not stable, finished, or flawless. Expect bugs, missing functionality, and broken features. Also, development is in flux and features can be removed as well as added.

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