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lightning @ Savannah: GNU lightning 2.1.4 release

GNU lightning 2.1.4 released!

GNU lightning is a library to aid in making portable programs

that compile assembly code at run time.



Download release:


  2.1.4 main features are the new Loongarch port, currently supporting

only Linux 64 bit, and a new rewrite of the register live and

unknown state logic. Now it should be faster to generate code.

The matrix of built and tested environments is:

aarch64 Linux

alpha Linux (QEMU)

armv7l Linux (QEMU)

armv7hl Linux (QEMU)

hppa Linux (32 bit, QEMU)

i686 Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and Cygwin/MingW

ia64 Linux

mips Linux

powerpc32 AIX

powerpc64 AIX

powerpc64le Linux

riscv Linux

s390 Linux

s390x Linux

sparc Linux

sparc64 Linux

x32 Linux

x86_64 Linux and Cygwin/MingW

  Highlights are:

  • Faster jit generation.
  • New loongarch port.
  • New skip instruction and rework of the align instruction.
  • New bswapr_us, bswapr_ui, bswapr_ul byte swap instructions.
  • New movzr and movnr conditional move instructions.
  • New casr and casi atomic compare and swap instructions.
  • Use short unconditional jumps and calls to forward, not yet defined labels.
  • And several bug fixes and optimizations.
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Source: Planet GNU

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