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hyperbole @ Savannah: GNU Hyperbole 8.0.0, the Epiphany release, is now available on GNU ELPA


  • Overview


GNU Hyperbole 8.0.0, the Epiphany release, is now available on GNU ELPA.

Hyperbole is a unique hypertextual information management Emacs package

that works across all Emacs modes, letting the computer do the hard work

while you benefit from its sophisticated context-sensitive linking and

navigation capabilities.  Hyperbole has always been one of the best

documented Emacs packages.  With Version 8 comes excellent test coverage:

over 200 automated tests to ensure quality. We hope you'll give it a try.

What's new in this release is described here:


  Everything back until release 7.1.3 is new since the last major

  release announcement (over a year ago), so updates are extensive.

If you prefer video introductions, visit the videos linked to below; otherwise,

skip to the next section.

GNU Hyperbole Videos


  • Introduction


Hyperbole is like Markdown for hypertext.  Hyperbole automatically

recognizes dozens of common patterns in any buffer regardless of mode

and can instantly activate them as hyperbuttons with a single key:

email addresses, URLs, grep -n outputs, programming backtraces,

sequences of Emacs keys, programming identifiers, Texinfo and Info

cross-references, Org links, Markdown links and on and on.  All you do

is load Hyperbole and then your text comes to life with no extra

effort or complex formatting.

Hyperbole interlinks all your working information within Emacs for

fast access and editing, not just within special modes.  Every button

is automatically assigned a type and new types can be developed for

your own buttons with simple function definitions.  You can create

your own buttons by simply dragging between two buffers.

But Hyperbole is also a hub controller for your information supplying

built-in capabilities of contact management/hierarchical record

lookup, legal-numbered outlines with hyperlinkable views and a unique

window and frame manager.  It is even Org-compatible so you can use

all of Org's capabilities together with Hyperbole.

Hyperbole is unique, powerful, extensively documented, and free.  Like

Emacs, Org, Counsel and Helm, Hyperbole has many different uses all

based around the theme of reducing cognitive load and improving your

everyday information management.  It reduces cognitive load by using

a single Action Key, {M-RET}, across many different contexts

which automatically chooses the best action

Then as you grow with it across time, it helps you build new capabilities

that continue to speed your work.


  • Installing and Using Hyperbole


To install within GNU Emacs, use:

   {M-x package-install RET hyperbole RET}

   Hyperbole installs in less than a minute and can be uninstalled even

   faster if ever need be.  Give it a try.

Then to invoke its minibuffer menu, use:

   {C-h h} or {M-x hyperbole RET}

The best way to get a feel for many of its capabilities is to invoke the

all new, interactive DEMO and explore sections of interest:

   {C-h h d d}

To permanently activate Hyperbole in your Emacs initialization file, add

the line:

   (hyperbole-mode 1)

Hyperbole is a minor mode that may be disabled at any time with:

   {C-u 0 hyperbole-mode RET}

The Hyperbole home page with screenshots is here:


For use cases, see:


For what users think about Hyperbole, see:



The Hyperbole Team

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