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How to Install Docker Compose on Raspberry Pi

Docker Compose is a docker utility based on compose file format and is used to run multi-container applications. Basically, the compose file of docker defines the configuration of multiple containers for an application. The multiple containers of docker-compose have the ability to share networks and data volumes in a customized environment. This tutorial presents the way to install docker-compose on Raspberry Pi.

How Can you Install Docker Compose on Your Raspberry Pi?

For installing docker-compose, it is mandatory to have docker on your Raspberry Pi. If you don’t have docker already installed, you can follow the guide.

After installing docker on Raspberry Pi, you can install docker-compose through the following steps:

Step 1: Update/Upgrade the Repository

First ensure the Raspberry Pi repository is updated and you can use the following command for confirmation:

$ sudo apt update

In case of upgrading the packages, you must run the below-mentioned command:

$ sudo apt upgrade


Step 2: Install Docker Compose on Raspberry Pi

The docker-compose can easily be installed on Raspberry Pi from the following “apt” command:

$ sudo apt install docker-compose -y


Step 3: Confirm Docker Compose Version

To ensure the above command successfully install docker-compose on Raspberry Pi, use the following command:

$ docker-compose version


Step 4: Test Docker Compose on Raspberry Pi

To ensure docker-compose is successfully working on Raspberry Pi, we are showing you the command to pull the images from the docker container as shown below:

$ sudo docker compose up -d


The output of the above command ensures that docker-compose is successfully running on the Raspberry Pi system.

Remove Docker Compose from Raspberry Pi

If after installation you realized that you no longer need docker-compose then you can remove it using the below-mentioned command:

$ sudo apt remove --autoremove docker-compose



To install docker-compose, you must need docker to be installed on your Raspberry Pi system. After that, you are good to install docker-compose from the “apt” command. To verify the installation of docker-compose, you can run the version command or test its working by running a docker-compose command for pulling the images from the docker container.

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