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How to Go Full Screen in Google Chrome on Mac or PC

Chrome is the most famed browser established by Google. After the launch of Chrome, many users switched to the Chrome browser. Chrome got so much popularity in no time because of its versatile features, such as security, performance, syncing, and management of all Google apps.

Google chrome also includes full-screen mode. Full-screen mode enables the users to eliminate distractions and helps them to focus on productivity. If you want to know how to go full-screen in Google Chrome on Mac or PC, then stick with this guide till the end.

This article will demonstrate how to enable full-screen in Google Chrome on Mac or PC through practical demonstration.

How to Go Full-Screen Mode in Google Chrome on Mac or PC?

The process to enable full-screen in Chrome on Mac and PC is similar. So, we have created a single guide to demonstrate for both Mac and PC users.

After launching Chrome, Click on the three dots visible on the right side:

Click on the “Full Screen” icon to go to full-screen mode. You can also go full-screen mode by pressing “F11” on PC or by pressing “Control + Command + F” on Mac:

This will launch Google Chrome in full-screen mode.

Chrome has been successfully opened in full-screen mode.

How to Exit Full-Screen Mode in Chrome?

To exit full-screen mode in Google Chrome, press “F11” or hover the mouse on top of your screen and click on the “X” icon to exit full-screen mode:

This will exit Google Chrome from full-screen mode.

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The full-screen mode in Google Chrome can be enabled by following these steps. Firstly, launch Chrome, click on the three dots, and click on the full-screen icon to enable full-screen mode. Alternatively, Windows users can press the “F11” key, and Mac users can press the “Control + Command + F” key to enable full-screen mode in Chrome. This article has provided an authentic way of enabling full-screen in Chrome.

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