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How to Get the Partition Metadata for the Given Topic in Apache Kafka Producer

A Kafka partition metadata refers to the information about a partition of a Kafka topic that is stored in the Kafka broker. The partition metadata is used to manage the distribution and replication of messages within a cluster.

The metadata includes information such as the partition’s leader broker, the replicas for the partition, and the offset of the latest message in the partition.

Kafka Leader Broker

The leader broker for a partition is responsible for all read and write requests for that partition.

Partition Replica

The replicas for a partition are the brokers that store the duplicates of the partition data which allows for failover if the leader broker becomes unavailable.

Partition Offset

The offset of the latest message in a partition is used to track the consumer’s position and determine which messages have been consumed.

Having such metadata about the partition allows the Kafka broker to manage the distribution and replication of the messages that are produced to a given topic within the cluster. It also ensures the data consistency and durability across the cluster. In addition, Kafka clients can use it to determine the location of the target partitions before consuming or producing the messages.

This post discusses how we can use the Kafka API to gather the metadata information about a partition topic. For this post, we use Python and the confluent-kafka package. However, you can check the client library for your target language to learn more.

Source Code:

from confluent_kafka import Consumer, KafkaError

# Create a Kafka consumer instance
consumer = Consumer({
    'bootstrap.servers': 'localhost:9092',
    'group.id': '',
    'auto.offset.reset': 'earliest'

# Retrieve metadata for the specified topic
topic = 'users'
metadata = consumer.list_topics(topic).topics[topic].partitions.values()

# Iterate over the topic partitions and retrieve their metadata
for partition in metadata:
    partition_metadata = partition.leader
    if partition_metadata is None:
        print(f'Partition {partition.partition}: Leader unknown')
        print(f'Partition id {partition.id} replicas {partition.replicas}')

# Close the consumer

This prints the partition metadata for the specified topic. Check the documentation to learn more.


Using the confluent_kafka library, you can get the metadata information about the partition of a topic.

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