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How to Fly in Wacky Wizards – Roblox

Wacky Wizards is an experience in which the user creates different potions, and each potion has some effect on their character. In this game, you have to explore different areas to find the hidden ingredients and place them on your table. You might have to fly in the skies and go to the mountains to get these ingredients. Curious to explore hidden places more quickly than other players? Fly around the map using flying potions.

How to Fly in Wacky Wizards Roblox

You can save your time by flying around the map and to fly, you need a flying potion. In Wacky Wizards, there are no such potions that give you the simple ability to fly. The below-written potions will give you some tools or change your character, so you can fly.

    1. Mermaid Potion
    2. Broom Potion
    3. Octopus Potion
    4. Dangerous Flying Potion
    5. Bee Potion

1: Mermaid Potion

It is the easiest potion to make as it does not require any premium items or completing the quest to get ingredients. You will need only two ingredients:

Ingredients Where to obtain
Fairy Already present on the brewing table
Fish Present in underwater tunnel


Combine the above-mentioned ingredients in your cauldron and click on Spawn Potion. After drinking the potion, swim and fly around the map as if it were water.

2: Broom Potion

The Preparation of the Broom potion is complicated, you will need three different ingredients:

Ingredients Where to obtain
Fairy Already present on the brewing table
Witches Brew Complete Witch Quest
Dynamite Under train track


This potion is also known as killer, it provides you with a broom so you can fly like a witch on a broomstick. While flying in the stick be aware, don’t crash anything as it will kill your character too. Control your avatar from your keyboard, press Space to move upward and Ctrl to down.

3: Octopus Potion

This potion will turn your character into a flying octopus, you will need three different ingredients that are easy to find on the map:

Ingredients Where to obtain
Fish Underwater tunnel
Giraffe Hoof Already present on Table
Spider In a tunnel within spider cave

To obtain a Spider you must shrink down to enter the tunnel of the cave. Put the 2x Fairy in the cauldron to prepare the Tiny potion.

Combine the ingredients and prepare the octopus potion:

This will turn your character into a half-octopus and you can easily fly.

4: Dangerous Flying Potion

The other potion that provides the missile characteristics to your avatar is a Dangerous Flying potion. This potion needs only two ingredients:

Ingredients Where to obtain
2x Dynamite Under train track
Bird On the largest tree


When you drink the potion, your avatar will immediately launch for take-off. This potion is not recommended as it is difficult to control your character.

5: Bee Potion

To prepare this potion you need a sleeping bee. Grab the sleeping bee out of the hive, put him in the pot and you will get a bee disguise potion.

Your character will be modified to a Flying bee and you have o direct the bee wherever you want to go.


All the potions mentioned above are created from the free ingredients that are easy to find in the game. These potions are the Mermaid potion, Broom potion, Heat-seeking potion, Octo potion, and Bee potion. They all allow you to fly in the game so try any of these potions.

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