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How to Enable the Push to Talk Feature in Discord

Discord is the most widely used application by gamers, businesses, and other communities. Communication on this platform is super straightforward. Moreover, you can avail more advanced features, such as setting up Bots for entertainment purposes, organizing custom channels, playing channel games, adding keybinds, and enabling push-to-talk input mode.

In this blog, we will learn about enabling the talk feature on Discord desktop and mobile devices.

Method 1: Enabling Push to Talk Feature in Discord Desktop

Push to talk Discord feature suppresses the background noise by muting the mic. This feature can assist when there is some interruption and distortion in your background. Moreover, pressing the defined key will allow you to communicate with the members.

If you do not know about enabling the Push to talk feature, look at the given instructions!

Step 1: Launch Discord
Launch Discord on your local system:

Step 2: Open User Settings
Access the “User Settings” by clicking on the gear icon:

Step 3: Choose Voice & Video
Next, choose the “Voice & Video” option from the “APP SETTINGS” categories:

Step 4: Enable Push to Talk
Now, choose the “Push to Talk” radio button to enable it:

Method 2: Enabling Push to Talk Feature in Discord Mobile

To enable push to talk on the mobile Discord, follow the step given below.

Step 1: Open Discord
Firstly, open “Discord” on your mobile:

Step 2: Launch User Profile
Next, hit on the “Settings” icon to open the User Profile Settings:

Step 3: Hit Voice Activity
Next, scroll down the screen and hit “Voice activity”:

Step 4: Choose Input Mode
After that, select the input mode as “Push to Talk”:

It can be seen that the Push to Talk feature is now enabled:

In the above guide, we learned about enabling the push-to-talk feature in mobile discord and desktop.


To enable the Push to talk feature, initially, open Discord on your device. Next, launch “User Settings” and click on the “Voice & Video” option from the APP SETTINGS category. Then, enable the “Push to Talk” radio button. This guide demonstrated the procedure for enabling the “Push to Talk” feature on Discord mobile applications and desktops.

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