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How to Discover a Shipwreck in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game with tons of unique structures for players to explore in the game. From villages to pillager outposts, from ocean monuments to bastions, there are limitless possibilities for players to enjoy. Whether it’s a biome in the overworld, nether or end dimension, players are always ready to set on new adventures. Oceans in Minecraft also have tons of structures to offer, and Shipwreck is one of them. These are mostly the sunken, broken ships found at the bottom or on the shores of the oceans.

In this article, we are discovering Shipwrecks in Minecraft.

How to Discover a Shipwreck in Minecraft?

Shipwrecks are categorized as structures, which are commonly damaged ships (of course) with chests inside. They are quite common in Beaches and Ocean biomes. These ships are commonly made up of Oak and Spruce blocks like spruce logs, doors, fences, Oak planks and a few others. Here are a few shapes of these broken ships you can find inside the water.

There are 3 different locations where chests can be found in these ships. Loot might differ based on the location of the chest. In Minecraft, you can find a map chest, treasure chest or supply chest.

Map chests can have items like buried treasure maps, paper, feathers, compasses, books and coast armor trim.

The treasure chest contains valuables like diamonds, iron, gold, emeralds, lapis lazuli and bottle o’ enchanting.

Supply chest can have items like potatoes, carrots, rotten flesh, coal, pumpkin, wheat, poisonous potatoes etc.

Discovering Shipwrecks in Minecraft

You can discover Shipwrecks just by searching with a keen eye around the bottom of the ocean. You can also use a potion of night vision to clearly see underwater.

Alternatively, you can feed a Dolphin with raw cod or salmon; once fed it will lead him/her to the nearest ocean structure, which can be a Shipwreck.

Uses of Shipwrecks in Minecraft

Shipwrecks are quite useful structures in Minecraft. They are not rare and can give you valuable items, including buried treasure chest maps. Buried treasure chest maps always have a heart of the sea in them, which is the main component of making a conduit in Minecraft, while conduit is a powerful underwater structure that can provide light and protection from mobs.


What Achievement You Can Get on Finding Your First Shipwreck in Minecraft?

Ans: Ahoy! Is the achievement you get once you find a shipwreck for the first time in Minecraft.

Do Shipwrecks Exist in the Nether Dimension?

Ans: No, these shipwrecks do not generate in the nether.

Does the End Dimension have Ships?

Ans: Yes, these ships are called end ships and are found in end cities.


Shipwrecks are found in the oceans, snowy beaches and beach biome of Minecraft. It is an uncommon structure in these biomes and contains some valuable loot including a buried treasure map, diamonds, enchanted leather armor and much more. Players can find one by searching the ocean, especially after using a potion of night vision. They can also feed dolphins, which then can lead you to a nearby shipwreck. It is a fun structure to explore in-game.

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