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How to Deploy Java Applications in AWS

Java applications can be deployed using the AWS platform and it can be done by using a very easy and simple process. AWS provides you with the platform to develop your application on the platform and then deploy it in AWS. You can also deploy your already developed application in AWS, and this post will teach you how to deploy java applications in AWS.

Let’s start deploying the java application in AWS.

Deploy Java Application in AWS

To deploy a java application in AWS, you can search for “Elastic Beanstalk” from the search bar on the AWS management console:

On this page, click on the “Create a new application” button to create a new java application:

Here you have to type the name of your application and click on the “Create” button:

You have an environment created on the left panel, and by selecting that, you can upload your application files by clicking on the “Upload and deploy” button:

Here you can upload your java application and upload at the same time, and while deploying the files on the platform, it will automatically be linked to an instance:

After the deployment, you simply have to modify security settings by selecting the “Configure” button from the left panel and adding a key pair for your EC2 instance:

After all the configurations, you need to open the EC2 console page, and there you have an instance created by the name of your application environment. Simply use its “Public IP Address” to visit your java application:

By using the Public IP Address of the EC2 instance, you can use your java application:

You have successfully deployed the java application in AWS:


To deploy the java application in AWS, you need to open the Elastic Beanstalk server and create an application from the console and use the application’s environment to simply upload the java application files and deploy them. While deploying the application, an EC2 instance is created, and you have to change some configurations of the EC2 instance. Your java application is deployed, and you can use the IP address provided by the EC2 instance to open your application.

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