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How to Create Polished Andesite in Minecraft

Andesite is a versatile block in Minecraft that is often used for its unique texture. It can be found in multiple shapes like stairs, slabs, fences, and Polished Andesite. Andesite is a great way to add texture and depth to your builds, and it can be used to complement other blocks, such as stone and cobblestone. It is found in the form of veins in the world generation, especially below Y level 80 or below. Today, we will understand and learn how to use this Andesite block to create a Polished Andesite in Minecraft

How to Create Polished Andesite in Minecraft?

Andesite is found in caves and mountains in the form of blobs and veins. It is a quite common block, which can easily be found when you search around in caves and cliffs.

It spawns above Y level 0 and players can also craft it using droid and cobblestone block.

Andesite block can be mined using any pickaxe, but the golden pickaxe is the fastest one to mine which mines the block in 2 seconds.

Crafting Polished Andesite in Minecraft

To craft Polished Andesite, we first need to collect Andesite blocks. For that, visit the nearest cave or mountain and look out for a block, similar to gravel but don’t fall on interaction.

Then use the following step to create Polished Andesite in Minecraft:

Step 1: Use a pickaxe to mine Andesite, as much as you need.

Step 2: Once you collected enough of it, head to a crafting table.

Step 3: Place 4 Andesite on that crafting table to turn it into a Polished Andesite block in Minecraft.

You can also use a stonecutter to obtain Polished Andesite blocks.

Uses of Polished Andesite in Minecraft

Polished Andesite is a decorative/building block in Minecraft and can be used to make blocks like Polished Andesite Stairs and Slabs. To create Polished Andesite Stairs, use 6 Polished Andesite blocks in the following manner on a crafting table.

To create Polished Andesite Slabs, use three blocks of Polished Andesite placed in the following order in the crafting table.

A stonecutter can be a great help in getting these two blocks from Polished Andesite blocks.


Do any villagers sell andesite?

Ans: Stonemason villagers sometimes buy Andesite in Minecraft.

Can we use Andesite as a replacement for stone in Minecraft?

Ans: This was the feature in Minecraft, which was later on removed from the game.

Is andesite craftable?

Ans: Yes, it can be crafted using cobblestone and droid block as shown in the blog.


Andesite is a building block, commonly found in the caves and mountains above Y level 40. You can get them by mining with any kind of pickaxe. You can create Polished Andesite blocks using 4 of the Andesite blocks on a crafting table. This Polished Andesite block is used in building different structures and can be crafted into Polished Andesite Slabs or Stairs.

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