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How to Craft Polished Deepslate in Minecraft- A Basic Guide

Deepslate, a versatile block, was added to Minecraft in the Caves & Cliffs update. It revamped the entire game system by generating entirely Deepslate blocks below Y=0, up to Y=-64. This block was introduced with a whole bunch of blocks made from it, including Cobble Deepslate, Deepslate bricks, Polished Deepslate, and a number of other blocks.

Today, I will focus mainly on crafting Polished Deepslate blocks in Minecraft.

How to Craft Polished Deepslate in Minecraft?

Polished Deepslate is generally made directly from Cobble Deepslate blocks. It is one of the most sophisticated building blocks in Minecraft. As we already have seen, Deepslate is generated mainly below Y=0. This means to obtain these Deepslate variants, we need to visit deep dark caves. You can also find these family blocks of Deepslate naturally generated there in the ancient cities, one of the biggest Minecraft structures.

To craft Polished Deepslate for your builds, follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the underground caves, especially below Y=0.

Step 2: Select the area from where you are going to mine the Deepslate Blocks.

Step 3: Use any pickaxe (without silk touch enchantment) to mine the Deepslate and get Cobble Deepslate.

Step 4: Now place a crafting table on any surface.

Step 5: Open the menu of the crafting table and place your 4 Cobble Deepslate blocks in the form of a square.

Step 6: Craft the Polished Deepslate blocks and place them in your inventory to use in the game.

Uses of Polished Deepslate in Minecraft

It mainly serves as a building block, but it can also be crafted into further blocks including Deepslate bricks, Polished Deepslate Slabs, Stairs and even Walls.

1: To craft Deepslate bricks, place 4 Polished Deepslate blocks in a square shape on the crafting table.

2: To craft Polished Deepslate Slabs, use three Polished Deepslate in a row.

3: You can craft Polished Deepslate Stairs by placing 6 of them in the shape of a stair on a crafting table.

4: Use a crafting table to get Polished Deepslate Walls by placing 6 of them in a rectangular shape on it as shown.


Can You Turn Cobble Deepslate into Stone Block?

Ans: No, rather you need the Cobblestone blocks and smelt them to get the stone block.

Is Deepslate Creeper Proof?

Ans: No, it can break from the Creeper explosion.

Is Obsidian More Resistant to Explosions in Minecraft than Deepslate?

Ans: Yes, Obsidian is way more resistant to explosions than Deepslate blocks.


Polished Deepslate is a useful building block in Minecraft and can naturally be found generated in ancient cities. Players can easily craft them using 4 Cobble Deepslate, which they got from mining Deepslate with a pickaxe (without silk touch), using a crafting table. Players can use it to further craft Polished Deepslate Walls, Slabs, Stairs and also Deepslate Bricks. It is overall a fun and useful block in Minecraft.

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