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How to Craft a Spectral Arrow in Minecraft- A Basic Guide

Minecraft has a wide variety of wonderful gear and weapons for combat. Players are able to use them based on their strategy and the usefulness of these weapons. It includes both melee and long-range weapons. Spectral arrow is an assistive component of two important long-range weapons which are bow and crossbow. Upon hit, it creates an outline of that creature/player which can be seen even behind the block, making it easy for the user to detect their opponent’s location.

Let’s go through the crafting mechanics of Spectral arrows in Minecraft.

How to Craft a Spectral Arrow in Minecraft?

Spectral arrows, just like other arrows, are necessary for players to use their bow/crossbow in Minecraft. It can be found inside the bastion’s loot chests. It is a craftable item and needs two main items to craft.

1: Getting Arrows in Minecraft

In Minecraft, arrows can be found in multiple ways: They can be found as a mob drop of skeletons and strays.

It can also be dropped from Minecraft pillagers as a mob drop (bedrock exclusive). In terms of structures, it is obtainable from bastions, villages, jungle temples and pillager’s outposts.

Players can craft arrows using sticks, feathers and flint on a crafting table:

2: Getting Glowstone Dust in Minecraft

Glowstone is commonly found generated on the ceiling blocks of the Nether. Players can easily harvest Glowstone dust by simply breaking it using their hands or any available tool in Minecraft.

Journeyman cleric villagers can also trade Glowstone dust just by trading four emeralds. Players can kill witches that can drop from one to six Glowstone dust on death.

Crafting Spectral Arrows in Minecraft

Now that we have all the necessary items, let’s craft Spectral arrows in Minecraft:

Step 1: Take a crafting table and place it on a surface.

Step 2: Place your arrow in the center and then fill the 4 sides with Glowstone dust on the crafting table menu.

Step 3: This will craft the Spectral arrow and you can place it in your inventory to use within the game.

Uses of Spectral Arrows in Minecraft

Spectral arrows are a type of arrow that can be used to track mobs and players; they work by applying a glowing effect to the target for 10 seconds, making them visible even if they are behind blocks. It can be used with a bow, crossbow, or dispenser.


Does Infinity Work with Tipped Arrows?

Ans: No, it only uses normal arrows.

Does Multishot Work with Spectral Arrows?

Ans: Yes, it does work with spectral and tipped arrows but takes 3 durability instead of the usual one.

What is the Best Arrow in Minecraft?

Ans: The best arrow in Minecraft is the arrow of slowness as it is extremely useful in reducing the mobility of the opponent.


Spectral arrows are a special kind of arrow, which work similar to normal arrows but add a glowing effect on the mob it hits for 10 seconds. The loot chest of bastion remnants can sometimes contain spectral arrows. It can also be crafted using one arrow and 4 Glowstone dust placed in a plus shape while the arrow is in the center of the crafting table’s grid. It is quite useful to keep an eye on the opponent hiding while battling as its silhouette is visible after getting hit by the Spectral arrow for 10 seconds.

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