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How to Craft a Block of Coal in Minecraft

Coal is an amazing source of fuel in Minecraft and one of the most common and easily obtainable blocks in-game, and used by players to make different useful items like campfire etc. It can also be compacted into a storage block, commonly known as the Block of Coal. This is a special Coal block with various important uses. So here are things you should know to craft and use a Block of Coal in Minecraft.

How to Craft a Block of Coal in Minecraft

Block of Coal is a compact form of Coal. It is also sometimes used as a cheap alternative for Blackstone and other similar blocks to make different builds in Minecraft. To craft a Block of Coal, a player needs 2 main items:

1: Getting a Crafting Table

If you are not familiar with getting a crafting table and using it in Minecraft, you can read the guide How to Make and Use Crafting Table in Minecraft.

2: Getting Coal in Minecraft

Coal is a common ore in Minecraft and can easily be found in the form of Coal ore between Y-0 to Y-320 (except for Deepslate Coal ore). It can also be found in structures like shipwrecks in their loot chests. The Coal ore spawns in the form of blobs in Minecraft.

To get Coal in Minecraft, a player can use any available pickaxe and it will drop Coal from 1 to 4 (based on the level of fortune enchantment on the tool). However, make sure not to use silk touch enchanted pickaxe otherwise it will give only a Coal ore block.

Crafting Block of Coal in Minecraft

Once you have both items, follow these steps to craft a Block of Coal in Minecraft.

Step 1: Place a crafting table on any surface.

Step 2: Open its menu and place 9 Coals on it.

Step 3: Craft the Block of Coal and place it in your inventory:

Now you have your Coal block in the game.

Block of Coal – Uses

Block of Coal is a great fuel for a blast furnace/furnace in Minecraft. Compared to 9 Coals which can smelt 72 blocks, it can smelt around 80 blocks. Players also use it to enhance the look of their build and add more black/dark gradients to it.


Can we Make a Block of Coal Using Charcoal?

Ans: No, it cannot be used in the crafting of a Block of Coal.

Can We Make a Campfire Using a Block of Coal?

Ans: No, it uses charcoal to make a campfire.

Can we Craft Deepslate Coal Ore Blocks?

Ans: No, it is not a craftable item in Minecraft.


A Block of Coal is a valuable block/item in the game; It can easily be crafted using 9 Coals placed on a crafting table. Players can use this block to smelt items and cook food and an efficient fuel in Minecraft. It is also easy to get blocks to add a black tone to specific builds in Minecraft. With its many uses, Block of Coal is a valuable item that all Minecraft players should know how to craft, and they can get help by reading this guide.

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