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How Does /describe Command Work in Midjourney?

Midjourney is an AI-based powerful platform that assists users to write better content faster for the generation of any image. One of the features of Midjourney is the /describe command, which allows you to generate a short description of any uploaded image. It is based on the features and details of the image.

This article will explain the /describe command works and use it effectively.

How Does /describe Command Work in Midjourney?

Midjourney is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps you create engaging and effective content for any purpose based on the uploaded image. The /describe command is very simple to use. To do this, input /describe command followed by any image you want to describe.

Let us explore the step-by-step instructions to use /describe commands in Midjourney:

Step 1: Open Midjourney Website

To access the Midjourney website and choose the “Join the Beta” or “Sign in” options:

Step 2: Type /describe Command

To use the /describe command, first type the “/describe” command in the prompt. It pops an interface to upload the image from the local system:

Step 3: Upload an Image

Users can select any image from the system. For instance, select a cat image from the system as below:

Step 4: Generate Text Prompt

After pressing the “Enter” button, Midjourney returns four text prompts. They describe the image features and detail in the form of text as below:

Step 5: Regenerate Image

Users can also regenerate different images by pressing these four buttons. Each button is associated with the already generated text prompt:

By pressing any Imagine button, an interface is displayed on which the text prompt is already written. Now, press the “Submit” button as seen below screenshot:

Now, a brand-new image is generated based on the text prompts that can be verified from the below figure:

What are the Usages of /describe Command in Midjourney?

The /describe command in Midjourney is a powerful feature that allows you to:

  • Generate a summary of any image in natural language
  • Specify the desired length, format, and tone of the summary
  • Use keywords, phrases, or questions to guide the summary generation
  • Receive feedback on the quality, relevance, and accuracy of the summary
  • Edit, revise, or rewrite the summary as needed
  • Export or share the summary with others


In Midjourney, the /describe command can generate concise and informative descriptions of any image in seconds. It provides relevant keywords that you can use to learn more about the details of the image. The /describe command is one of the many features of Midjourney that can help you write better content faster. This article has explained the /describe command and its practical implementation in Midjourney.

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