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How do I Change My Username on Discord?

Discord usernames are personal identification which includes a name and a number that helps the other members to identify you. For instance, if you want to send a Direct Message (DM) and a friend request, then searching by username is the best option to reach. More specifically, Discord does not allow two persons to have the same username, as it is utilized for recognition.

This blog demonstrates the instructions for changing the username in Discord.

How do I Change My Username in Discord?

To change the username in Discord, users have to try the instructions given below.

Step 1: Launch Discord

First of all, search the “Discord” application in the Start menu and click on “Open”:

Step 2: Open User Settings

Next, to launch the “User Settings”, press the highlighted icon:

Step 3: Edit Username

In “My Account” under “USER SETTINGS”, click on the “Edit” button that is available beside username:

Step 4: Change Username

Here you can see that the highlighted username is “Hellary”. Click on it to edit the name:

Remove the previous username and specify a new one. To do so, we will replace “Hellary” with “Hafsi” and enter the current password of the Discord account to confirm the username: After that, press the “Done” button:

Step 5: Verify Username

Now, move back to “User Settings” to see the changed username. For instance, it can be seen that the username is changed to “Hafsi”:

Note: You can also change the Tag with the username if you are a Discord Nitro user.

We have learned about the method for changing the username in Discord.


To change my username in Discord, first, launch Discord from the start menu and go to “User Settings”. Then, hit the “Edit” button available beside the username. Next, change the username, enter your account password, and click on “Done”. Lastly, verify the changes on the My Account settings. This post illustrated the method for changing the username in Discord.

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