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gnuboot @ Savannah: Testers needed for GNU Boot 0.1 RC1


GNU Boot has published its first release candidate, and we need help

for testing, at first from people who are able to recover from

computers that don't boot anymore.

This is because, while we have very minimal changes on top of the code

used by the last Libreboot release that didn't contain nonfree

software, we didn't test all the images ourselves yet, so there is still

risks of ending up with computers that don't boot anymore.

If the code works fine, we will most likely be able to release it as-is

but we (the current maintainers) still have a lot of work to do before

the release.

For instance we still need to integrate the code from the website, find

good ways to deploy it, make sure that the installation documentation

works (for instance by asking for help from testers and fixing it), etc.

As for accepting patches, we're not ready yet to do that yet, but we

plan to have that done for the first release, or before that depending

on how things work.

For reporting what images work, you can reply to this mail (or open a

bug report).

The GNU Boot maintainers.

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Source: Planet GNU

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