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unifont @ Savannah: Unifont 15.0.06 Releaesd

4 June 2023: Unifont 15.0.06 is now available.  This is a minor release, but significantly is planned to be the last release to include TrueType files in its default build.  This release also includes a new Hangul Syllables block contributed by Minseo Lee, with his modifications to three combining patterns in the johab2ucs2 Perl script.  Minseo Lee also modified other Plane 0 Hangul glyphs so their style would match those of the modified Hangul Syllables.  This release also includes a few changes to Chinese ideographs.  Details are in the ChangeLog file.

Download this release from GNU server mirrors at:


or if that fails,


or, as a last resort,


These files are also available on the unifoundry.com website:


Font files are in the subdirectory


A more detailed description of font changes is available at


and of utility program changes at


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